Shading & batch variation

Every time tiles are produced there are very slight variations between productions. This called batch variation and it's important to understand how this might impact you.

The shade or size of a tile can vary between the sample you receive and the delivered product. This is normal due to the natural raw materials and manufacturing process of making tiles. It adds character to the product, and is not considered to be a defect.

We attempt to supply the same batch for every order, but this is not always possible depending on stock availability. 

Please check tiles batching PRIOR to installation as no claims will be considered after installation.

We recommend additional tiles should be ordered to allow for wastage and repairs as the same batch may not be available at a future date.

Nominal sizes

The tile size indicated on our website is called a nominal size. This means that the actual size can and will vary between batches and suppliers. This is usually by a couple of millimetres only, however if you intend to mix tiles and have grout joints lining up between floors and walls, then compatibility should be confirmed prior to purchase.