How do I arrange collection from a depot?

When you place your tile order you can select to have delivery to your local depot. Once it arrives there, our freight partners will contact you to let you know it is ready for collection.

You will be given instructions for collecting at the depot when our freight partner gets in touch. The staff at the depot will work with you to make collection easy. 

The following is the maximum carrying capacity that TileHaus recommends for all depot collections;

  • Small cars, hatchbacks etc 200kg
  • Medium cars 300kg
  • Large cars & medium SUVs 350kgs
  • Large SUV’s & Vans 500kgs
  • Pickup trucks 650kgs
  • Single Axle trailer un-braked 459kgs, braked 1000kgs, Dual Axle trailer un-braked 1000kgs, braked 1500kgs.

As per the Land Transport Act 1998, your order will only be loaded if it does not exceed the load capacity of your vehicle or trailer. You are responsible for ensuring the load is properly secured on or in your vehicle, please bring appropriate strapping if required.

You must collect your tiles from the depot within 72 hours. After this, storage costs may be charged.